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Do You Need Shoes For Diabetic Neuropathy

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Having your physician tell you that you are diabetic is always a big shock when it happens. Diabetes is a condition when your body is not able to control the level of sugar in your blood because it is not able to make or use insulin properly. If you are diabetic, you might have to take insulin and other drugs for the rest of your life to keep the levels of sugar in your blood under control.

One important change you will have to make is in the way that you eat. You will have to stay away from eating sugar and a lot of carbohydrates. Making this big change in your diet is necessary because uncontrolled blood sugar will eventually cause serious and even fatal complications.

One common very serious result of diabetes is called diabetic neuropathy. This is a condition that diabetics get which damages the nerves of the body. The first sign is often a slight tingling sensation in the extremities of the body. It may affect the fingers as well as the feet. With neuropathy in feet especially there may be a lack of feeling in these areas. If the neuropathy progresses beyond the first stage then the patient may not be able to have any sensations in their feet.

A person who has diabetic neuropathy may not be able to sense the ground as they are walking. There are shoes for diabetic neuropathy that can be prescribed by your doctor for this condition. These are custom fitted shoes that help the patient maintain balance while providing good support.

Shoes for diabetic neuropathy are available in many types of styles. They are quite costly, but in many cases the purchase of shoes for diabetic neuropathy will be paid for by health insurance. If you have received a diagnosis of diabetic neuropathy you should ask about getting shoes for this condition.

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