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Does It Matter What Juice Extractors We Buy?

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It has only been in the last two decades that people have started to seriously consider the relationship between certain diseases and their lifestyle and nutritional intake. During the past few years, we have seen the emerging trends of dieting and “good nutrition”. More and more people are now health-conscious and want to live the healthy life, that’s why they are willing to try anything from a low carbohydrate diet to using juice extractors for juice cleansing therapies (and some say to effectively lose weight as well as detoxify the body of chemicals and other waste products). For those who are using, or planning to use, the juice cleansing therapy, they often ask whether the brand of their juice extractors matter when it comes to detoxifying and cleansing their bodies.

The answer is both a yes and a no.

Let me explain why it I think that it is NOT important to pick a juicer brand. The market is saturated with a mind-boggling number of juice extractor brands, each boasting of their own special feature. However, some of the brands that we are familiar with can be really heavy on your budget, costing around $300 to $500 to buy. For those who can’t afford these prices right now, I strongly recommend that you DON’T WAIT UNTIL YOU CAN AFFORD THE EXPENSIVE JUICER. Don’t delay your juice diet cleansing therapy. There are some cheaper juicers out there that are worth around $100 or less. Sure, they may not have the same features as the high-quality ones, but a cheap juicer is better than no juicer at all. Good health cannot wait. However, if you can afford the best juice extractors, the top models are made by companies such as Juiceman, Omega, Breville and Green Star.

The brand of your juice extractor is important when it comes to the kind of food that you’re going to be putting in it. For example, the latest model of the Green Star juice extractors can squeeze out the juices of not only large vegetables but also thin and delicate things such as wheatgrass, parsley, and other green leafy veggies. Other people claim that the best juice extractor of large vegetables is the Breville Juice Fountain Elite, but I wouldn’t stake my name on it since an equal number of people also claim that Juiceman and Omega are the best brands.

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