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Getting Your Kids Outside!

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Remember the days when the most popular kid on the block had the biggest backyard swing set? Today, parents have to work to pry their children from the internet or the latest Xbox game. Childhood obesity rates are soaring, and some studies indicate as many as 19% of children are facing these issues. The answer to having healthy, happy children is as close as the nearest backyard wood swing set. By setting up a playground in the backyard, parents can motivate couch potato kids to GO OUTSIDE!

In my childhood, I longed to be the kid with the swing set. Looking around my own neighborhood when I see the bright spiral slides, I can barely contain the urge to run over and play at 44! Some of the awesome customizations include rock walls, rope ladders, and tall club houses. With a few additional touches ,your backyard can become a pirate ship,a rocket ship, or a circus. These backyard wood swing sets are not just swings anymore. With all the extra additions, these are really closer to activity centers. There is one drawback to having a huge wooden swing set; you may acquire a few more children than you remember owning.

All joking aside, the best answer can sometimes be the simplest. The way to have active, healthy children is to motivate them to participate in fun, daily activity. Instead of paying for expensive lessons, kiddy gym memberships, and every type of team sport, try something that our parents understood. Let the gym come to you, and you can make fun time at home easy and exciting. Who knows? Your family might actually spend some quality time together.

The days of the unsafe rusty aluminum model are long gone. These wooden extravaganzas encompass all types of activity, and most are fully customizable. Best of all, backyard wood swing sets are hard-wearing. By choosing the safest types of wood, you can rest easy knowing that your backyard investment will pay off for years to come. If you are shopping for a backyard wood swing set look for great safety features including guardrails, recessed hardware, and sturdy design. The set should be easy to assemble and maintain with smooth edges and durable construction.By researching the options available, the backyard wooden swing set is not only a great tool for exercise, but it also can become the center piece of family fun.

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