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Meditation for Beginners for Balancing the Root Chakra

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According to yogic science, the chakras are our major energy centers. When our chakras are balanced, our energy flow throughout our body is balanced and in  harmony, and as a result, we are happy and healthy. On the other hand, when our chakras become imbalanced, we may experience a wide slew of mental, emotional and physical ailments or issues.  Each of the seven chakras are like the powerhouses of energy for the rest of our tens of thousands of nadis, or energy channels that distribute prana or life force via the rest of our bodies.  In this article we will focus techniques forhealing the first chakra, the root chakra. There are lots of techniques for healing chakras using meditation, yoga and other types of therapy. Here are some simple, free techniques to get started right away:

–          Start this exercise and healing meditation with an open, non judgmental mind. Try to put aside doubt and fully engage in the process with kindness and compassion toward yourself.

–          Nature therapy using meditation:  Come to lotus position (sitting cross legged) on the ground. This simple position connects our root with the earth, making us feel grounded and connected. Look at or envision bright, luminescent reds and oranges coming off of a sun set and imagine this light filling your whole body with warm healing energy.  Send this light down to your root, near your pelvic floor and tail bone. Let the red healing light swirl around and clean out any blockages in its path.

–          Color Therapy– Red is the color that is known to resonate with and clear the root chakra. Red is known to revitalize & awaken the life force energy.  Select a bright, light red (which tends to have less association with anger) and wear it, put it in your space and keep it around!

–          Aromatherapy- Rose, jasmine, patchouli and sandalwood are known to stimulate circulation and help when clearing the first chakra. These aromas can be found as essential oils in most natural grocers and are great for clearing blocks.

–          Positive affirmation- Throughout your day, work with a mantra that supports your sense of being supported: “abundance flows from within. I am safe, provided for and stable. Abundance flows from within naturally and easily” or something along these lines.

Root chakra meditations for beginners are effective for dissolving energetic blocks which hinder us from functioning at our fullest potential. Chakra work can powerfully improve issues with depression and fear and is one of the best natural remedies for anxiety.  A lot of this work can be done for free from just about any place that is relatively quiet and peaceful.

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