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Pole Dancing…More Than You Thought

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Pole dancing was once something that respectable people didn’t talk about, except to maybe as the topic of a whispered conversation about Steve’s bachelor party the other night. Whereas pole dancing was only used for sexual reasons, it is increasingly gaining popularity in other fields. Now more and more women (and men) are learning the art of pole dancing, not only as a way to spice things up with their partner, but also as a legitimate exercise as a part of their workout. Anyone can do it, but there are a few basic pole dancing moves for beginners to learn before you go too crazy on the pole.

One of these basic pole dancing moves in simply swinging around the pole. Not so fast; it’s harder than it sounds.  Grip the pole tightly, give yourself a running step or two to build momentum and then take off, fully rotating on the pole. Some other beginner pole dancing moves include the upside down swing (hanging upside down), but save the harder stuff for later.

Like anything, practice makes perfect. Work hard and constantly improve. When you are ready for intermediate pole dancing moves, you can start learning moves like the cross-knee release which looks sexy and impressive. You can also experiment and maybe come up with some pole dancing moves names of your own!

Many gyms and fitness centers offer pole dancing classes that you can attend. If swinging on a pole in front of a group does not sound appealing, you can simply buy a pole of your own, to install in your home. Learning at home by yourself can be a little more difficult without a pro to guide you, but you will still build the confidence and skills that come with pole dancing. If you want to go it alone, go for it!

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