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What’s Bad In Chocolates?

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Chocolate has become an obsession to many people. There are those who almost literally can’t live without a bite of their favourite brown sweet. There are those who have shared the great benefits of eating a chocolate, but what’s really the case of it being bad to the human body?

To begin with, chocolates have a lot of benefits:

  • The source of chocolate, cacao, has a lot of antimicrobial agents that help fight tooth decay. But the chocolates in the market are usually contained with a high quantity of sugar which alters cacao’s benefit. Dark chocolate, having the least amount of sugar is considered more healthy.
  • The aroma radiating from a chocolate can increase brain waves which helps in relaxation.
  • Phenyl ethylamine is also found in chocolate, which is a mood elevator.
  • Cocoa butter found in chocolates has oleic acid, a mono-saturated fat that helps in raising good cholesterol.
  • Eating chocolates regularly adds an average of a year or longer to the lifespan of men.

The risks in ingesting chocolates are as follows:

  • Chocolate can cause lower bone density.
  • To people with migraines, chocolates can trigger their headaches.
  • Milk chocolates contain a large amount of calories, sugar and saturated fat.

Endomorph body types, people who have rounder figures, may want to control chocolate consumption since it is bombarded with calories, sugar and saturated fat. Even those who are ectomorphic (leaner) and mesomorphic (muscular) should be careful and regulate the number of chocolates being taken in.  Going to health centers and applying a fitness program may help people enjoy chocolates without the worry of storing harmful substances in the body. It is important that our health is being monitored so you might be able to enjoy your chocolate bar and not harm your body.

Chocolates are one of the most wanted sweetened food not only by the children but also by the adults.

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