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Why The Gym Is Not For Everybody

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There are many different types of people, and when it comes to keeping in shape some prefer to hit the gym and workout, while others prefer to diet and walk more often to keep the pounds off.
Whatever you prefer to do, know that you are not alone. In fact, if asked, many people would prefer not having to go to the gym in favor of working out in their own home or getting exercise by other means. In this article we are going to list ways in which you can keep in shape but simply hate the idea of working out with a bunch of strangers!

Go for long walks
This is the obvious one – just walk more. If you have children or grandchildren, or even a family dog, you will be able to go to the beach, your local woods or just around your neighborhood for a walk. Walking is one of the best passive ways to burn calories and keep your weight down, so if you hate the idea of going to the gym, consider taking a walk every day instead.

Buy a fitness DVD
These give you the option of keeping up a fitness regime from the comfort of your own home. No longer will you need to get kitted out and go to the gym, you can just close your curtains and boot up the

DVD player!
Similarly, modern consoles such as the Wii and Kinect allow you to perform fitness programs at home. These are beginning to provide genuine alternatives to the gym. Even some senior living communities are taking advantage of this technology now.

Take an exercise dance class
These are not strictly for health and fitness, but a Salsa or Latin dance class can be a fantastic way to stay in shape. Designed to learn new skills in dance and bring together friends, dance classes are operated in most cities and are available at reasonable rates.

You don’t NEED the gym!
I very rarely make this statement to people who want to lose weight or get into shape – but you don’t actually have to go to the gym to stay healthy. A sensible diet combined with lots of walking and other physical activity can keep the weight off. Having said that, you do need to be well-behaved, especially in later life when the metabolism slows down and keeping slim becomes even more difficult.

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